Pottery Club 

At the pottery club students get to learn a useful new skill - Pottery. Our resident maths teacher and master potter Mrs Dunser, has done a great job of imparting her wisdomon the students.

Try your hand at whatever piques your interest. From Gravy boats, to vases, to mugs to snow men. 

The pottery club is about more than just pottery. It’s about getting your hands dirty. It’s about being a creative outlet for those who need it. It’s about being a warm place to chat while doing something with your hands.

Dungeons and Dragons Club 

For those who don’t know, Dungeons and Dragons is a Table-Top Role playing game. In layman's terms that means you play by using your character sheet, imagination and a group of friends to do everything from fighting off monsters, solving mysteries and going shopping. 

At Paeroa College we have three“Campaigns” (games). Each is run by a dungeon master, and runs the game. They decide what world the game is set in and which NPCs (Non player characters) they meet. They also control all of the enemies. Each game also has a party of 4-6 adventurers (The rest of the players). They interact with the world through the dungeon master and often roleplay a character completely different to who they are in real life. 

DnD is great for members because it builds a wide variety of skills. From quick thinking problem solving to mathematical optimisation to acting out complicated character relationships. 

The LGBTQ Support Club 

Our LGBTQ Support group has been available at Paeroa College for two years now. They meet once every two weeks at lunchtime and enjoy a time to talk through any issues they may be having as well as generally enjoy camaraderie. Membership is fully confidential. Please see Mrs Youngman if you’d like to join. 

Drama Club

The club meets at Lunchtime in the Drama Studio. Students who attend the club can work with a variety of people, in different year groups. The drama club enjoys taking part in a variety of games, reading scripts, and discussing character development. They work towards putting on a ‘Mini Production’ of a selection of scenes later in the year. This group is open to all but needs a regular commitment. It is overseen by Mrs Black.

Robotics Club

The robotics club is a great place to put your tech skills into action! Enjoy putting stuff together? There’s a place for you. Enjoy coming up with ideas on how to fix problems? There’s a place for you. Enjoy coding? There’s a place for you. The club meets on Thursday lunch times so come along and get stuck in.  Mr Moroney overseas this club.

Duke Of Edinburgh

This is a really exciting opportunity for students Year 10 and over to take part in this international award. There are 3 levels Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Mrs Penny Cox is our first Award Leader here at Paeroa College. She is a Gold Award holder and has led the scheme oversees. Her claim to fame is meeting the Duke of Edinburgh twice at St James Palace. The award has 4 parts. A skill where students must learn something – cross stitch, cooking, music, fixing cars, coaching. A Physical – this is something that gets a sweat up. A service – this is a service to the community – volunteer your time somewhere in our community – charity shop – local hall – student breakfast. The last part is the expedition where you navigate and hike through the bush and camp out overnight. This has 3 parts. Training, a practice expedition and the real one. 

Still can't find a club that suits you?  If you have an idea regarding starting a new club, please see your Dean.