Homestay and Pastoral care

 All International Students at Paeroa College are hosted by Homestay families. These families are a highly valued part of our International Student programme. Families who are interested in hosting International Students are paid room and board through the College. They must be genuinely interested in their International Student and be motivated by a sincere desire for cultural exchange and learning. It is important that families are caring, tolerant, and supportive. Please be aware that many of our homestays have indoor pets.

 Local families who are in interested in hosting an International Student should contact Mr Udy [email protected] Before a family can host a student, they must undergo police vetting. Mr Udy regularly visits our homestay students to ensure that they are well cared for. 

Homestay Families are expected to:
  • Care for the student as they would their own child
  • Provide three main meals per day plus snacks (student buys their own ‘junk food’)
  • Provide facilities for a daily shower or bath 
  • Encourage the student to participate in family outings and activities
  • Set reasonable home rules
  • Assist the student to get to and from school each day e.g. car, bus, cycle or walk
  • Assist the student to get to and from school sports and activities
  • Ensure the student attends school every day and provide a note or call the school office to explain any absence
  • Take the student to the doctor if they are unwell
  • Help the student set up a NZ bank account (for personal use). This will only happen if the student is not applying through an agency.
International Students are expected to:
  • Be kind and respectful towards their host family
  • Keep their own room clean and tidy
  • Participate in family outings
  • Help with regular house chores. For example, drying the dishes after dinner, or helping to prepare a meal
  • Make an effort to engage in English conversation with their host family
  • Have open and honest communication with their host family